From MAKARPY PASTAS ARTESANAS we would like to show you how you can purchase a product through our online shop in a simple and safe way.

You can add the products you choose to your shopping cart. You can check your order at any moment.
Packs are well protected to prevent breakage while transporting it.

Orders are delivered in 72 hours depending on the demanded product.

It is not necessary to register
You can purchase without the need to be registered in our system. This allows a quick and dynamic purchase. If on the other hand, you prefer to create an account in our system, you will have a reference of all the orders you have carried out through our online shop and you will be able to see the state of these orders. In addition, you can obtain all kinds of advantages, such as discounts or other offers.
Sending address and invoicing address

You have the possibility to use, or not, the invoicing address as sending address of your order. You can do this to send an order to an address that it is not yours, such as gift packages.
You can choose the method of payment you are most interested in.

MAKARPY PASTAS ARTESANAS puts 2 different ways of payment at the customer disposal:
Bank transfer to this account number 3080-0020-80-2021170721
Credit card through secure payment (POS)